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Automated guided vehicle
for the healthcare industry
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Transport platform MEDI MOVE for the health care industry

With its customized design and high performance, the MEDI MOVE is designed for automatic transport systems (ATS) in hospitals. Here, the transport robot navigates through underground route networks as well as over several floors to supply hospital wards, sterile departments and nursing areas. Precise deliveries of meals and medicines as well as the transport of laundry and waste to disposal stations will be among the main tasks in the future.




At a glance:

Load handling device: Lifting table

Capacity: 500 kg

Lifting height: up to 170 mm

Performance: up to 1.7 m/s

Navigation: Laser scanner with 360° personnel protection




Developed for high transport performance in 24h operation and complex transport requirements with the highest hygiene demands

Thoughtful design

With a size of 1900 x 600 mm and a tare weight of 400 kg, it is suitable for a floor change via common freight elevators. Goods of up to 500 kg can be transported efficiently by means of the transport robot. Consisting of a stainless steel chassis, the MEDI MOVE lifts the loading aids by max. 170 mm with two electrically operated spindle lifting units.


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Highest safety in clinic operation

Due to its symmetrical 6-wheel configuration, the MEDI MOVE is able to rotate around its own center point and requires little maneuvering space. Prior to travel, the load is raised to such an extent that the areas of the personal protection laser scanners are clear and a 360-degree all-round view can be ensured for maximum safety during operation.


A special feature: the exact synchronization of both lifting motors is handled by an integrated calibration unit, which enables precise lifting and lowering in the tenth of a millimeter range. The MEDI MOVE is exceptionally powerful. Even at maximum total load, it achieves a travel speed of up to 1.7 m/s, thus ensuring high overall performance of the AGV system.




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