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SARA is a reporting and analysis tool for AGV systems and individual transport robots and provides you with a comprehensive 5-in-1 analysis of the entire system.


The entire plant performance at a glance. Track the development of the asset during the usage period. The dashboard provides you analyses with KPIs for:

> Plant availability

> Capacity

> Energy balance

> Traffic performance

> Transport quality


The presentation over time provides a precise overview of the optimization of the plant during its useful life.


Evaluate the transportation performance of your plant and get a comprehensive overview of production times, plant utilization and interruptions. The transport analysis provides you with KPIs for:

> number of transports per hour

> frequency of use and distance traveled by FTFs

> transport times

> average throughput

> type and number of interruptions

> concrete recommendation for action for the transport profile and system utilization

Fleet Analysis

You get results on vehicle performance and availability. The generated recommendations can be used to optimize fleet performance.   Vehicle performance and utilization analysis provides KPIs for:

> vehicle operating conditions

> productivity assessment, loading times,

> stops and blockages on the route


The event analysis identifies all faults, blockages and messages in the driving course area for you and creates recommendations for layout optimization. The detailed vehicle analysis provides you with an overview of all error messages divided into categories with KPIs for:

> Stops

> Blockages

> Error messages related to vehicle components (scanner, laser, etc.)

> and much more!



Simply smart: Our reporting and analysis tool for AGV systems and individual transport robots provides you with a detailed 5-in-1 analysis of your system. Based on a comprehensive data evaluation, SARA generates instructions with which you can further optimize your plant performance.

Simply clever: We train your employees to use SARA. Access to the reporting and analysis tool is quick and easy via the Internet browser. We save you additional maintenance effort and internal IT processes, because neither local servers nor additional hardware costs are necessary for use. We ensure the stability and performance of SARA through regular updates. In order for you to enjoy flexible cost structures and contract terms, we offer SARA as a SaaS solution.

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