Our technology for your AGV

High-performance technology coupled with endless inventiveness and unique engineering skills - that's what ek robotics stands for.
Fahrerlose Transportsysteme (FTS) und Transportrobotik werden bereits in vielen Branchen sinnvoll eingesetzt

What is an AGV?

If a central control system controls one or more AGVs (automated guided vehicles), this is referred to as an AGVS (automated guided vehicle system).

Autonome Mobile Roboter (AMR)

Discover our technology for autonomous transport solutions in your intralogistics 


Navigation is an essential function of the transport robots. Based on position and destination, the direction and speed of travel is controlled in real time.

Navigation ist eine essentielle Funktion von Transportrobotern
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Battery Management System

Non-stop power with our energy system. The lithium-ion batteries from ek robotics are ideally suited for use 24/7, 365 days a year.

System control

Our system controls for transport robots are built on a software system that has been tried and tested over many years.

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Driverless transport systems move along general internal traffic routes. The requirements for their safety are correspondingly high.

Our goal: to be the benchmark in the technology industry.