Highest safety at maximum performance

Personal protection

Our transport robots are equipped with state-of-the-art safety technology. With their adjustable warning and protective fields; the personal protection scanners enable use even at high travel speeds of up to 2m/s. In narrow aisles, our automated guided vehicles may be used at a much higher speed. Here, the safety scanners with larger protective fields from our partner SICK are used. By means of an anticipatory warning field, the contactless safety scanners ensure gentle braking and thus protect the transported goods. At ek robotics, personal protection is a top priority and is ensured accordingly with the scanners used.

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Obstacle recognition

For optimal obstacle detection, we equip our transport robots with state-of-the-art safety technology. The scanners provide full-surface protection in the direction of travel and brake accordingly in the event of obstacles. Mounted on the side of the vehicle or in the upper vehicle area, the scanners provide additional protection against suspended loads or manual intervention. With a wide range of combination options, we equip your transport robots with suitable scanners and provide all-round protection for your very individual tasks.

3D Obstacle recognition

Three-dimensional obstacle detection can be achieved both by equipping the transport robots with several 2D scanners and by using 3D cameras or 3D scanners. This way your individual transport vehicle detects possible obstacles long before a collision can occur. In addition, we offer combinations of various safety scanners and 3D cameras - completely individual and specific to your requirements.

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Relevant standards for automated guided vehicles

Functional safety is a top priority in AGV design. The focus here is on applicable laws, regulations, standards and guidelines for product safety and accident prevention. Here you will find a compilation of relevant laws, regulations, standards and guidelines. This listing makes no claim to completeness.


Equipment and Product Safety Act: Act on Technical Work Equipment and Consumer Products

Ninth Ordinance to the Equipment and Product Safety Act (Machinery Ordinance)

BGV D 27
Accident prevention regulation "Industrial trucks"

Occupational Health and Safety Act Act on the implementation of occupational health and safety measures to improve the safety and health of employees at work.

Industrial Safety Ordinance on safety and health protection in the provision of work equipment and its use at work, on safety in the operation of systems requiring monitoring and on the organisation of industrial safety and health.


DIN EN 1525 
Safety of industrial trucks, driverless trucks and their systems

DIN EN ISO 3691- 4
Industrial trucks - Safety requirements and verification - Part 4: Driverless trucks and their systems

DIN EN 954-1
Safety of machines, safety-related parts of control systems

DIN EN 1175-1 
Safety of industrial trucks, electrical requirements

DIN EN ISO 13849-1
Safety of machinery, safety-related parts of control systems, Part 1 General design principles

DIN EN ISO 13849-2
Safety of machinery, safety-related parts of control systems, part 2 Validation


New Machinery Directive since 29.12.2009 replaces Machinery Directive 98/37/EG

EMC Directive/ EMC Law Electromagnetic compatibility (of electrical and electronic products)

VDI 2510
Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) Implementation Guideline Technology

VDI 2710
Holistic planning of automated guided vehicles (AGVs)

VDI 4451 Blatt 2, 3, 6
Compatibility of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), energy supply and charging technology, traction and steering drives, sensor technology for navigation and control