Intelligent, safe and autonomous

Autonomous mobile robots are transport vehicles that navigate independently (autonomously) through the warehouse within a defined area and use virtual maps of their surroundings for orientation (SLAM navigation). Using modern cameras and sensors, they can recognize fixed or moving obstacles, drive around them independently and adjust their route in real time.


Our driverless transport systems enable efficient and safe operation in the direct vicinity of people and machines. They also cover a wide range of industrial applications and offer flexible and unbeatable solutions that help you to increase your efficiency and competitiveness. 

Flexible, scalable and versatile

Your advantages at a glance:


  • very fast commissioning of the vehicles

  • very easy integration into existing production systems

  • maximum flexibility and economic efficiency

  • safe transportation thanks to state-of-the-art safety technology

  • four transport robot models are available for you to choose from

  • load capacities from 150 kg to 1,900 kg

  • many compatible load handling attachments available  

  • high transport capacities with travel speeds of up to 2.0 m / s

  • Scalability of your system up to 100 vehicles

  • VDA 5050 compatible


Open up a wide range of applications with our AMR solution



Our software - Get started with high performance

With over 3 million production hours in key operating processes, our Fleetmanager is the best of its class. It can be controlled via smartphone, tablet or PC via the intuitive user interface. Whether a single robot or an entire fleet, it can be operated without any programming knowledge - simply and safely.


Special features

> intuitive operation

> Flexible OPC UA interface

> Standard REST API interface

> dynamic map generation

> automated traffic monitoring

> intelligent order planning 

Detailed AMR analyses

With our fleet analysis, you always have an overview of your system's performance.


> Comprehensive information on system performance
> Overview of all transport orders in your system
> presented in a user-friendly way, easy to access


> Evaluation according to focus topics: Order, event and capacity utilization analyses 
> Precise display of time progression by time of day and day of the week
> Data customization according to your individual needs


> Detection of bottlenecks in your business
> Identification of problem areas in the workflow
> Targeted increase in productivity and efficiency


Discover our Automonem mobile robots based on the X MOVE series




Depending on the area of application, the X MOVE can be equipped with various load handling devices and navigation technologies for automated goods transportation. Two of a total of four models can be used in either an AGV or AMR system, two are pure AMR vehicles.


X MOVE 150 (AMR)

X MOVE 600 (AGV & AMR)

X MOVE 1200 (AGV & AMR)

X MOVE 2000 (AMR)


The compact design of the various models enables high transport capacities in confined spaces with payloads from 150 kg to 2,000 kg (including load handling attachments). 




AGV & AMR: What is the difference?

In short: the type of navigation and the ability of the robots to recognize and react to changes in the environment. Autonomous mobile robots move freely in a defined area, actively navigate around objects and find their destination independently.


Virtually guided driverless transport vehicles only follow a previously defined and programmed route. The transport robots never leave their route and cannot avoid obstacles. This timed sequence is particularly efficient, safe and reliable and is mainly used for more complex driverless transport systems. Compared to AMR, their installation is more complex, as the route layout and the respective transport processes are programmed by specialists and artificial landmarks may also need to be installed for navigation.


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Are you still looking for the right solution?

Feel free to contact us at any time and find your individual solution and a customized system with ek robotics. With our autonomous mobile robots from the X MOVE series, you benefit from rapid operational readiness and a general increase in the performance and efficiency of your intralogistics.