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Reliable basic design with numerous options: Discover the HEAVY MOVE series for the precise execution of transportation tasks

Automated linking of several functional areas

Fully automated transport chain, minimized set-up times and decades of availability: our tailor-made transport solution is an important part of RHI Magnesita's efficient intralogistics at the Austrian plant in Radenthein. Every transport process, from production to delivery of the refractory materials, is handled by twelve automated guided vehicles - eight of them are modified vehicles from the HEAVY MOVE series. 

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Our HEAVY MOVE can be configured with any load handling device. Whether roller conveyors or chain conveyors (up to 6 units) - the proven basic design of the transport robot means that only the load handling attachment needs to be adapted. The HEAVY MOVE is designed for high lifts up to 12 metres, medium-heavy loads and area-moving trolleys. This way, you secure customised transport robotics that safely moves you and your material flow without risk. The flexible trolleys allow diagonal and transverse travel, and flexible navigation is provided by integrated market-leading laser technology with no ground installation required. Our battery system is variable and enables automatic changeover or recharging. Individual safety packages can be installed for effective accident prevention. A payload of up to 12,000 kg is possible without any problems.

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We have compiled an ePaper with details and specifications for each of our AGVs and AMRs. You can download here:



The HEAVY MOVE offers endless choices for different lifting masts. With the HEAVY MOVE, you always have a suitable solution if you want to lift, store or stack particularly high or heavy loads. Transfer heights of over 10,000 mm and load weights of 6,000 kg are no problem for the variable HEAVY MOVE. And of course, you can adapt the lift masts to your individual task with the appropriate forks or attachments.


The infinite variety of applications of the HEAVY MOVE is also reflected in its use in narrow aisle systems. With the HEAVY MOVE VNA, ek robotics offers a customised solution for special challenges. The HEAVY MOVE is individually designed with swiveling push forks or telescopic forks - depending on how your warehouse is designed or planned. We carry out load cycles from floor level to over 10,000 mm with the HEAVY MOVE and offer a technical solution for the compensation of multiple tolerance requirements with our 3D camera system.


The HEAVY MOVE also offers an infinite variety of solutions in the food industry for your very special production challenge.

For example, in addition to the appropriate load handling device, we also offer individually designed load restraints, whether passive or as active hold-downs for the transport of large racks with unstable products.

And if hygiene requirements demand it, the parts that come into contact with the product or the entire load handling device are made of stainless steel.


The HEAVY MOVE also feels at home in the automotive industry - as equipped with a plate conveyor for transporting the infinite variety of load carriers in car manufacturing.

These area-moving HEAVY MOVE transport robots transport different racks up to 3,600 mm long at 1,500 mm width and weights of 2,500 kg - at speeds of 2m/s.

This allows the production cells to be optimally linked and integrated into the logistics process.

Heavy Move 05

The HEAVY MOVE shows its variability and performance particularly when it is equipped with several load handling devices and can thus transport 2, 4 or even 6 pallets at the same time.

Even with loads of 5,000 kg, the HEAVY MOVE achieves high travel speeds of 2 m/s and offers extraordinary efficiency for your intralogist needs especially with long transport routes.

Heavy Move 06

The art of engineering combined with creativity and experience - this is how we develop suitable solutions together with you - even if you require special adaptations.

Our solutions are just as infinitely diverse as your products are.

As here in the awning production - the up to 6 m long racks with customised awnings and their raw materials are safely transported by our HEAVY MOVE to the production lines and dispatch on schedule.

ePaper & Brochures
You would like to get more information about our transport robots?
We have compiled an ePaper with details and specifications for each of our AGVs and AMRs. You can download here:


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