Discover the VNA MOVE for automated narrow aisle warehouses and high-bay warehouses.

VNA – Very Narrow Aisle



Narrow and high-bay warehouse up to 14 m

Our transport robots from the VNA MOVE series can be flexibly integrated into new or existing warehouse systems, even in very narrow aisles and high-bay warehouses. The VNA MOVEs move in a narrow and high-bay warehouse with very small distances to the racking and navigate within the aisles mechanically via floor guide rails or via inductive track guidance.


The automated narrow-aisle trucks store and retrieve goods safely at heights of up to 14 meters. The 3D camera technology developed by ek robotics ensures fault-tolerant load transfers. The innovative software ensures that the transported goods can be safely stored and retrieved despite the many tolerances, such as uneven floors in the racking systems or load carriers. 

Maximum availability for your narrow-aisle warehouse


> maximum performance in a confined space

> Suitable for various aisle widths  

> reliable load transfers up to 14m high  

> with swivel push forks in various configurations

> with telescopic forks for fast load cycles  

> up to 1,500 kg load capacity

> Optional 3D object recognition

> Maximum availability for your narrow-aisle warehouse


Navigation types:  

> Laser navigation

> Reflector navigation

> Hybrid navigation

> Contour navigation

> Inductive or mechanical guidance within the aisle 

Case study

At our partner and sports equipment manufacturer Sport-Tiedje: over 51,000 m² of warehouse space in the new central warehouse near Rendsburg offers space for order picking, storage and handling of goods.


Our driverless transport systems ensure optimum interlinking of the transport chain here, including efficient warehouse automation with decades of high availability. The transport robot fleet comprises nine vehicles from the modular VARIO MOVE L series, which are responsible for linking incoming goods, order picking and outgoing goods.


The high-bay warehouse with 30 aisles, each 80 m long, is served by four fully automated narrow-aisle forklift trucks. The transport solution contributes to an efficient material flow between the different areas and ensures a high degree of automation for our customer.


Narrow aisle mobile racking at Gerolsteiner

ek robotics also offers suitable fully automatic solutions for use in mobile racking, e.g. for storing packaging materials with a low load turnover. This achieves an optimum space utilization ratio.

ek robotics designs individual solutions for each mobile racking system, which are responsible for the storage of pallets or long goods with lengths of up to six meters. Depending on the configuration of the system, the transfer heights can be up to 10 meters.