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Turnkey AGV Solutions

The perfect solution for every industry

High-tech transport robotics for 60 years
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Rack storage

The stacking of transport goods in block, row or support arm storage systems is easily coordinated by our transport robots.


For us, you are unique! Especially when it comes to AGV.

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Outdoor-AGV from ek robotics reliably manoeuvre between production halls or warehouses.

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Hospital AGV

AGV systems are important logistics applications, for example in hospital logistics.


We think ahead. Even where other AGV providers have long since stopped.

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Block storage

Discover our AGV solutions for floor level storage and block storage.

Heavy Loads

Really powerful: We have the solution when it comes to transporting heavy loads of up to 50,000 kg. 

With over 12,000 transport robots in more than 1,500 installed systems worldwide, we have played a key role in shaping the technological development of automated guided vehicles since 1963

assembly lines

We design AGV assembly systems with active or passive load handling devices for you

Discover the infinite variety of our transport solutions.

Tugger AGV

Our AGV drive trolleys also enable long distance transporting.

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Get comprehensive insights into automated transport solutions at our customers and download the free case reports.