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Battery Management System

Power non-stop with our energy system

Intelligent charging strategy

Each ek robotics LI-ION vehicle battery has an integrated battery management system that ensures optimal charging. In addition, our material flow control is responsible for the efficient use of vehicle fleets. In times of lower order volume or during breaks; an effective intermediate charging of the battery is aimed at. This ensures reliable use of all transport robots during high utilisation rates and transport orders.


The battery strategy can be adapted to the specific requirements of the individual customer task - ensuring optimum performance on a project-specific basis.

Automatic charging

Driverless transport systems are often operated in two or three shifts, five to seven days a week. Particularly in larger vehicle fleets, this results in a considerable amount of time spent on battery replacement and often also on battery maintenance. With our fully automatic fast charging technology for LI-ION batteries, neither manual intervention nor battery replacement is required. The chargers are positioned at strategic locations in the driving course area to ensure rapid responsiveness of the transport robots to new orders.



We coordinate the design of the tailored charging stations together with our customers.

Lithium-ion technology

The lithium-ion batteries from ek robotics are ideally suited for use 24/7 and 365 days a year. The energy carriers, which are maintenance-free over their long service life, are completely gas-free and can therefore also be used in special environmental conditions, such as clean rooms. The batteries of the transport robots are charged efficiently and, of course, automatically. Thanks to the fast charging technology of
ek robotics, charging takes place in short, optimised charging cycles. The integrated battery management system meets the highest safety requirements when used in production and warehouse environments.


LI-ION batteries are available for all model series of ek robotics in graduated capacities.