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Consulting tools

Our basic equipment includes forward-looking simulation technologies as well as software used throughout the industry and tools programmed in-house. With their help, we program customised construction kits for every industry and thus increase the efficiency of our customers.

Components of consulting tools

Through our material flow simulation, we have made the potential for process optimisation visible for many customers, then found and implemented customised solutions in reality. Based on feasibility studies, we see which scenarios will achieve the highest performance in your company and what challenges an implementation of these will entail. We also visualise the results of our analysis in 3D on request.

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Tecnomatix Plant Simulation is the standard software for graphical modeling, visualisation and optimisation of production, logistics and business processes. We use the strengths of this simulation software: object-oriented programming, 2D and 3D visualisation, openness for other systems, such as Excel or Access, fast model creation through our own building block boxes and comprehensive analysis tools are the clear advantages of the tool.

3D measurement

We scan your hall including all components quickly, three-dimensionally and with high accuracy (± 2 mm). Therefore, we are able to create an exact model for a simulation even if only outdated or inaccurate documents are available or no layout exists at all.


In addition to the standardised building blocks, we can program any application in our own programming language SimTalk. This allows it to be used for all areas of application. Once programmed blocks can also be used for other projects.

Modular construction kits

Building block systems allow a fast and economic creation of simulations. With Plant Simulation, we put together an individual modular system for your application. The modeling time is thus reduced by 70 to 80 percent.