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X MOVE 150

Uncompromising durability and performance characterize the smallest of ek robotics' five new X MOVE models. 


The X MOVE 150 is an industrial-grade autonomous mobile robot (AMR) that safely moves boxes, bins, carts and other light payloads to increase material flow in factories and warehouses. Thanks to its integrated lifting unit, it can easily lift goods and racks.


With its rugged metal cladding, rocker suspension and powerful drive, the X MOVE 150 can be used in the world's toughest production environments - 24/7, 365 days a year. 


Specifications X MOVE 150

Length/width/height (in mm): 740/550/308

Total payload capacity: 150 kg

Weight without load: 107 kg

Travel speed: up to 2.0 m/s

Integrated lift: 62 mm


Available as AMR. 

X MOVE 600

Ready for the standards of the future.

The X MOVE transport robot supports the VDA 5050 interface and can be used in conjunction with other transport robotics systems. The following navigation types are compatible with the X MOVE transport platform*:


SLAM Navigation

Contour Navigation

Reflector Navigation


*concerns the models 300, 600, 1200


Specifications X MOVE 600

Length/Width/Height (in mm): 1050/700/320

Total payload capacity: 600 kg

Weight without load: 210kg

Maximum speed: 2,0 m/s


Available as AGV or AMR.

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ePaper & Brochures

You would like to get more information about our transport robots?   We have compiled an ePaper with details and specifications for each of our AGVs and AMRs. 

You can download here



X MOVE 1200

Maximum safety, maximum efficiency.

Another innovation makes the X MOVE even more efficient: The faster the transport robot is about to drive through curves, the further ahead the safety laser scanners must safeguard the route. The protective fields of the safety laser scanners are dynamically activated by the safe detection of speed and steering angle information. The result: The X MOVE not only achieves its maximum speed on a straight line, but also gets the most out of curves.


Specifications X MOVE 1200

Length/Width/Height (in mm): 1350/910/320

Total payload capacity: 1200 kg

Weight without load: 300kg

Maximum speed: 2,0 m/s


Available as AGV or AMR.



See application in the pharmaceutical industry

X MOVE 2000

Probably the most productive AMR in the world!


The X MOVE 2000 is a machine that moves heavy payloads through demanding environments faster than any other AMR on the market, without compromising safety. 


Maximize your productivity! Every detail of the X MOVEs 2000 is designed to maximize the productivity of your operation. Our goal is simple: move as many goods as possible, as quickly as possible, with as little downtime as possible. 


Specifications X MOVE 2000

Length/width/height (in mm): 1837/1283/351

Total payload capacity: 1900 kg

Weight without load: 627 kg

Maximum speed: 2.0 m/s


Available as AMR. 


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