Bulky, heavy, long

Discover the customized transport robots of the BHL MOVE series for fully automated storage systems


4-way stacker for various racking systems

Maximum agility during the automated transportation of heavy and extra-long loads. Transport robots from the BHL MOVE series are equipped with a 4-way chassis and therefore offer an unbeatable mobility radius in their area of application.



> your transport robot for bulky, heavy and long loads

> Maximum agility with 4-way chassis

> Safe handling of long goods and special load frames in narrow aisles

> Over 8m transfer height  

> Load capacity tailored to your application  

> Suitable for various racking systems

> equipped with the latest navigation technologies  

> optionally with fork adjustment and/or 3D object recognition  


Navigation types:

> Laser navigation

> reflector navigation

> Contour navigation

> Hybrid navigation 

Precisely planned transport solutions

In modern industry, the integration of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) is becoming increasingly complex and demanding. In order to meet the increasing requirements, individual and precisely planned transport solutions are of crucial importance.


With the heavy-duty transport robots of the BHL MOVE series, we implement such transport solutions in the niches of the automation industry and meet complex transport requirements with our 61 years of expertise in the automation industry.  


Automated mobile rack

Two customized automated guided vehicles automatically store and retrieve finished parts for sun shading systems up to 4.3m length in two mobile racks. 

The 4-way trucks of the CUSTOM MOVE series serve over 1900 storage locations at a transfer height of up to 8 meters in 3-shift operation. The complex #AGV #solution sustainably optimizes the rack storage system at the production site in Wertheim. The result: maximum efficiency and increased quality.