Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industry

High transport performance in 24-hour operation and complex transport requirements with the highest hygiene standards

F. Hoffmann - La Roche AG

At the Kaiseraugst site near Basel, ek robotics replaces an existing AGV system and is responsible for the automated transport of high-quality pharmaceuticals with 17 automated guided vehicles (AGVs) of the VARIO MOVE series. On a route network with a driving course length of approx. 1,000 meters, 16 VARIO MOVE with telescopic forks take over the internal transport between the production and storage areas. A VARIO MOVE CB with counterweights and adjustable forks takes over the transport of cryovessels to the deep-freeze warehouse. The stainless steel jacketed freeze-thaw vessels are filled with liquid active ingredients in temperature ranges from –20 to –40 degrees and have a transport weight of up to 1,200 kg.


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Insulin and vaccine supply

Several automated guided vehicles (AGVs) from ek robotics are in use at a global healthcare company. Since 2006, 12 customized AGVs of the CUSTOM MOVE series have been ensuring an optimal material flow in the production of cannulas for insulin pens in 24-hour operation at a German site. The automated guided vehicle system has been continuously optimized by the AGV experts and runs up to 1,400 transports per day. 17 years after commissioning, the existing vehicles are being modernized and the AGV system is being expanded with seven new transport robots from the CUSTOM MOVE series.

At two new production sites in Western Europe and Southeast Asia, the powerful and long-life AGVs of the VARIO MOVE and HEAVY MOVE series ensure efficient and safe material handling in vaccine production.

Chemco Ireland Ltd.

With the goal of making the intralogistics processes in the central warehouse in Dublin more cost-efficient, the Irish family-owned company has chosen an automated guided vehicle (AGV) system from ek robotics.

In the future, a transport robot fleet of four SMART MOVE, three VARIO MOVE and one HEAVY MOVE as well as one VARIO MOVE for the new building will be used in the warehouse. The nine AGVs are responsible for the automated storage and retrieval of goods in the existing racking system in a three-shift system with transfer heights of ten meters.

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Healthcare and custom solutions

With the MEDI MOVE transport platform, we sustainably optimize the entire hospital logistics. Across all floors, with intersecting passenger traffic and high transport services 365 days a year.



With our customized transport robots, we meet any transport and environmental condition and fulfill customer-specific prerequisites. Discover our customized AGV solutions:

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