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Reliable planning and optimization of automated guided vehicle systems

Material flow simulations provide certainty during the planning phase of automated guided vehicles and intralogistics projects

In addition to its well-proven automation solutions, ek robotics' portfolio also includes a wide range of other services, such as the simulation of material flows. The simulation can be used to create a detailed 3D view of a newly planned transport system, including the optimum number of vehicles. "For complex intralogistics projects in particular, it is essential to collect as much data as possible in advance in order to accurately map all interrelationships," explains Ronald Kretschmer, CSO at ek robotics. "In this way, it is possible to determine any system limits, bottlenecks, blockages and the appropriate alternative solutions before the actual implementation."

With material flow simulations, we can organize your logistics processes in the best possible way. This saves you the costs that can arise from suboptimal planning. Poor planning can be recognized, for example, by unexpectedly deviating system performance, delays in the project process or low production capacities. Both the VDI and the Fraunhofer Institute confirm that simulations significantly reduce the costs of new investments.

About aGV Simulation


A recent example from the refractory industry shows how important the advantage of simulation is: early on in the project, the Austrian company RHI Magnesita decided to create a 3D point cloud of its plant. With the 3D scan, ek robotics recorded unevenness to the millimetre and created a digital twin of the entire system. Based on this detailed measurement, the exact route layout was mapped in a dynamic simulation of the automated guided vehicle system. Due to the complexity of the system and the wide variety of transport requirements, the results of the feasibility and bottleneck analysis were important factors for the design of the customized transport robots.

The envelope curve analysis was used to ensure that in the real application, all transport robots can pass through the sometimes narrow route areas, despite the safety fields of the laser scanners being activated. Several simulation models were used to calculate the optimum number of vehicles at maximum throughput rates. The set-up times, the ideal locations for the loading stations and the optimum transport routes were also taken into account with over 500 possible routes. In addition to the turnkey delivery of AGV systems, many other customer-specific services such as software solutions, installation of warehouse and conveyor technology, project management and a comprehensive lifetime service round off the ek robotics portfolio.

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In 2023, ek robotics celebrates 60 years of AGV expertise. Take a look at the development of the company, the products and the variety of solutions for automation technologies!

Our 60 years of AGV

With a material flow simulation, our experts create a detailed 3D animation of the newly planned transport system, including the optimum number of automated vehicles.

The 3D scan records unevenness in the transport robots' driving area with millimeter precision and simultaneously creates a digital twin of the entire system.