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Convincing AGV in Hallstadt, Germany

In the case report, you will learn how the AGV from ek robotics efficiently performs special tasks with many interfaces and sustainably optimizes the processes of the entire complex system.
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Automated transport with large and small load carriers

Brose is an international specialist for mechatronic automotive components. Door systems, window regulators and electronic components are manufactured at the Hallstadt site near Bamberg in Germany. The complex automated guided vehicle system (AGV) from ek robotics supplies the production here with 12 SMART MOVE transport robots, which transport finished goods via large and small load carriers and optimize the material flow in three-shift operation.

Learn more about the convincing AGV solution in our detailed case report!

Learn more in our detailed Case Report

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For the second AGV system from ek robotics for Brose, the versatile transport robot of the SMART MOVE series was also chosen.. Discover the modular SMART MOVE for an effective optimization of your transport and material flows!



About ek robotics

ek robotics is the world's leading manufacturer and integrator of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) for production and warehouse logistics. With 60 years of experience, the company develops, manufactures, markets and integrates automated guided vehicles (AGVs), provides simulation generation services and holistic service for the AGV systems.


About ek robotics

What we do

With over 300 employees at six locations worldwide, we implement intelligent, networked and flexible transport solutions for the fully automated, internal material flow of our globally active customers. We develop and manufacture driverless transport vehicles and integrate them into a driverless transport system (AGV) tailored to individual transport requirements. In addition, we create simulations of material flows and provide a holistic service to optimize internal logistics. 

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