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VARIO MOVE: New standards in transport robotics

Efficient, smart and flexible: The advantages of intelligent transport robotics from ek robotics are convincing. With the VARIO MOVE, the specialist for automated guided vehicles (AGVs) has developed a solution that offers customers the advantages and efficiency of standard components. The VARIO MOVE can be freely configured and adapted to individual needs. With its AGV solutions, ek robotics optimizes the flow of materials and goods effectively and sustainably.

With the use of automated guided vehicles in intralogistics, companies can increase their profitability and ensure the punctuality of goods and material flows. Intelligent transport robotics minimize the risk of transport damage and failure rates in production. Also the AGVs enable an efficient shortening of reaction times to possible changes in order situations.

With more than 50 years of experience in design, development, manufacturing, integration, turnkey delivery and support over the entire life cycle of automated guided vehicles (AGVs), ek robotics belongs to the technical elite in the very fast growing transport robotics industry. In addition to automated standard industrial trucks from well-known manufacturers, ek robotics develops its own transport robots as well. Integrated AGVs of all sizes, for the most diverse and individual transport and material flow projects, are components of the ek robotics portfolio.


Automated intralogistics increases efficiency and profitability

"We are convinced that AGVs will be the predominant means of transport in intralogistics in just a few years," says CEO Andreas Böttner. "Our AGVs already represent what is technically possible today. In our research projects, we are working on solutions and developing tomorrow's technology, anticipating future trends and will define the next evolutionary stage of transport robotics." With this in mind, ek robotics has developed its VARIO MOVE: an in-house design of completely customizable vehicles in a distinctive industrial design that are absolutely reliable.

Powerful and efficient, safe and precise, sustainable, economical and variably configurable: With the VARIO MOVE, ek robotics proves that maximum flexibility is possible in the world of AGVs - especially with standardized vehicles. The transport robotics specialist sharpened its brand profile in the summer of 2021 and completely revised its brand design. VARIO MOVE and all other vehicle series come in the "Infinite colors of transport", which is also the claim of the high-tech company. The new claim underlines the infinite variety of transport robotics solutions for production and warehouse logistics that the company offers. The new brand identity highlights the expertise of ek robotics even more strongly.

"Our AGVs perform a wide variety of tasks in almost all industries: Automotive, food and beverages, printing and paper, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical technology, plastics and packaging are just a few of the areas in which our vehicles operates. The AGVs have now been delivered more than 10,000 times and are used in over 1,000 plants worldwide," explains Andreas Böttner.


Powerful technology, flexible implementation

VARIO MOVE is a standardized vehicle series with which the AGV specialist is setting new standards. The models comprise flexibly configurable industrial trucks consisting of a drive unit with a modular interface. By this interface they are equipped with different chassis and various load handling attachments. With the modular design, the automated guided vehicles (AGVs) can be individually configured for the desired transport projects despite standardized components. The components of the VARIO MOVE modular system include five defined lift masts. They reach a transfer height of up to five meters and also can be adjusted with a wide variety of load handling attachments: from various load forks and attachments to roller or chain conveyors, everything is possible. The VARIO MOVE L model for example, becomes a wheel-arm-assisted high-lift forklift truck. VARIO MOVE AS, on the other hand, is a particularly maneuverable claw truck, and VARIO MOVE CB is a counterbalanced truck that has a load module graduated for different payloads and is suitable for loads of up to 1,600 kg. VARIO MOVE CTO is an area-moving transport robot with automatic conveyors.

The VARIO MOVE transport robots can be equipped with all major navigation systems which are available on the market and are particularly suitable for hybrid navigation. "Based on the transport project, we select the most suitable type of navigation for the application - entirely according to the conditions on site, the wishes and needs of the customer," explains Andreas Böttner. "Our multisensor-capable control base enables the use of hybrid systems and a wide variety of control types. This makes ek robotics' navigation a long-term and safe innovation. We are the only provider of automated guided vehicles that can implement and combine all relevant navigation types."


Uncompromising quality standards

Equipped with an innovative Li-Ion energy system, the vehicles can be used maintenance-free over the entire battery cycle and ensure intelligent vehicle charging. The energy system is designed for 24-hour use, 365 days a year. Customers achieve a maximum availability of their transport system with all AGVs from ek robotics.

The intelligent design of the VARIO MOVE series also pays off in terms of maintenance and repair: All components of the transport robots are easily accessibleIn fact that there are quickly and easily removable covers, which expose the entire technology without time-consuming unscrewing. The safety technology and the personal protection scanner, is housed in the particularly solidly designed chassis. This lower part of the vehicle front can be replaced separately in the event of possible damage. "In addition, it is important for us to implement and offer our uncompromising quality standards with the VARIO MOVE series. We use high-quality components from renowned suppliers to construct the transport robots. Compared to conventional automated guided vehicles, with its robust and high-quality design VARIO MOVE achieves a significantly longer life cycle," explains Ronald Kretschmer, Director Marketing & Sales at ek robotics. "The return on investment is very high, because VARIO MOVE performs better than automated series industrial trucks in comparison. Especially in terms of operating costs, due to long service intervals." This leads to a significantly more attractive Total Cost Of Ownership (TCO) consideration and thus makes VARIO MOVE particularly sustainable and economical in the long term.


Decades of experience, endless transport solutions

"With the rebranding and name change as a starting point, ek robotics is pursuing the goal of making the benefits of intelligent transport robotics available to every company in the world and being the benchmark in the technology industry."With the VARIO MOVE, we have made a real coup and delivered on an important building block of the promise of 'Infinite colors of transport.'  The vehicles now also visually underpin the diversity of our transport solutions," explains Ronald Kretschmer.

Autonomous transport robots are the predominant means of transport of the future and a key technology of Industry 4.0. they can ensure the necessary flexibility in the flow of materials in smart factories and intralogistics environments. "As one of the market leaders in the high-tech transport robotics industry, we are optimally prepared for the demanding challenges of Industry 4.0 with our innovative transport solutions," Andreas Böttner sums up.