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Increase automation potential of AGV systems with artificial intelligence

An industry commentary by Jan Drömer, Chief Information Officer at ek robotics.

The automation trend in production and warehouse logistics continues to accelerate. The use of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) is becoming increasingly important due to the ongoing shortage of skilled workers. A lack of skilled workers with rising wages and high fluctuation rates make investments in AGV and AMR systems increasingly attractive.

Automation of material flows in intralogistics enable available skilled workers to be deployed more efficiently. In addition, robots can take over heavy, dangerous and monotonous tasks. Today, users can convince themselves of the advantages of automated guided vehicles in the early planning stages.

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With augmented reality (AR), users can get an initial impression of the space available and the possible uses of transport robots in their own intralogistics via 3D representations of automated guided vehicles (AGVs). A 3D measurement on site with subsequent simulation of the material flows creates the digital twin of a precisely fitting system. Setting up an AGV system today is still extensive, as the map of driving courses and the respective transport steps must be precisely planned and programmed by experts in advance. In the future, the functions that experts take over today will be so intuitive that users will benefit from safety and reliability with ease of operation and customization. In the future, the vehicles will become much more flexible, able to avoid obstacles on their own, even if they are not included on their programmed route.


Another goal is to use AI-based technology to bring the range of capabilities of automated forklifts closer to those of a human operator. This requires (self-)learning systems with a high level of process reliability at the same time. On the way there, the use of teleoperation as a service in borderline areas of automation, for example, can on the one hand ensure the necessary process reliability for the user and on the other hand form the data basis for the functions of complete automation to be learned. In the future, the transport robots can learn from the human actions of the teleoperators as a self-learning system, develop new capabilities and further increase the overall automation potential.

Discover the Robot Operations Center, our new technology concept for teleoperation of transport robots.

Robot Operations Center 


In 2023, ek robotics celebrates 60 years of AGV expertise. Take a look at the development of the company, the products and the variety of solutions for automation technologies!



Jan Drömer, CIO at ek robotics

The Robot Operation Center (ROC) is a technology concept from ek robotics and is intended to increase automation potential in the long term.

Eine Hand, die ein Smartphone vor einem Industrieregal hält. Auf dem Bildschirm sieht man ein 3D-Modell des Transportroboters auf dem realen Hintergrund

With the "Mobile Robot Experience" app, users can get an initial overview of the space conditions and transfer heights of the individual transport robots. The app from ek robotics is free for iOS and Android.