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Efficient narrow aisle warehouse with AGV from ek robotics

Successful AGV integration as well as safe loading cycles in very narrow warehouses (VNA) are among the supreme disciplines of transport robotics. ek robotics draws on decades of experience for this area of application.

Narrow-aisle warehouses usually have aisle widths of only 1,400 to 1,800 mm, but are higher than other storage systems with transfer heights of up to 15 meters. They require little space and offer a high degree of space utilization as well as high handling rates. For more than 35 years, ek robotics has been automating series industrial trucks of well-known manufacturers and equipping the vehicles with navigation and control systems.

Automated guided vehicles can be flexibly integrated into existing warehouse systems. The transport robots are precisely modified and adapted to the respective customer requirements. The laser-guided transport robots move in a narrow and high-bay warehouse with very small distances to the racking and navigate within the aisles mechanically via floor guide rails or via inductive track guidance. The safe load cycles at these heights are ensured by a 3D camera technology developed by ek robotics. The software ensures that the pallets can be stored and retrieved safely despite many tolerances, such as uneven floors, yielding shelves or pallets.


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ek robotics has implemented automated solutions in narrow and high-bay warehouses for several customers from a wide range of industries, such as Gerolsteiner (beverage industry), DAW (paint and coatings industry) and Duracell (battery industry). At a German automotive manufacturer, the AGV expert has completely automated the production and conveyor technology processes. The connection to two high-bay warehouses, one of them in narrow-aisle format, was also successfully implemented. In the British production plant, a total of four different vehicle types from the VARIO MOVE, HEAVY MOVE, SMART MOVE and BHL MOVE series increase throughput and ensure optimized material flow in a fully automated press shop in 3-shift operation.

The transport robots store and retrieve the production parts in four aisles of a narrow and high bay warehouse at heights of up to 8 meters. In another 50-meter-long high-bay warehouse, special racks are automatically stored and retrieved on 5 levels using a fully automated narrow-aisle stacker from ek robotics. With this turnkey solution, the site has achieved a very high level of automation.



In 2023, ek robotics celebrates 60 years of AGV expertise. Take a look at the development of the company, the products and the variety of solutions for automation technologies!

Our 60 years of AGV

The transport solution from ek robotics comprises seven transport robots from the SMART MOVE series, which are used at Duracell Solutions near Antwerp to store and retrieve batteries in 30,000 stations of the narrow-aisle warehouse.

For more than 35 years, ek robotics has been automating series-produced industrial trucks from well-known manufacturers and equipping the vehicles with navigation and control systems.


Four fully automated narrow-aisle trucks at the sports equipment manufacturer Sport-Tiedje near Rendsburg. In the high-bay warehouse with 30 aisles, each 80 m long, the VNA MOVEs are responsible for the precise storage and retrieval of goods.