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National banks perform with AGV from ek robotics

The transport robots used connect various functional areas such as the supply and disposal of safes or palletizing with other robot and conveyor technology stations. The transport solutions create optimized, transparent and efficient material flows at the respective locations.

In North Africa, a long-standing customer of ek robotics operates a state-of-the-art cash center as the hub of national cash processing. In 2018, the Hamburg-based family business took on the complex intralogistics project for its customer and implemented three innovative transport solutions to optimize ongoing processes and increase safety with state-of-the-art automation technology. The result is three automated guided vehicles (AGVs) with a powerful fleet of transport robots for supplying and disposing of the money counting machines with sealed cash boxes. The vehicles are responsible for the connection to various conveyor systems for order picking and palletizing as well as loading and unloading freight elevators and transferring loads to the storage and retrieval machines in the vault. Cash centers of a central or national bank consist of up to seven core areas that must be precisely interlinked logistically. The driverless transport systems from ek robotics connect these areas and form an optimal transport chain from the delivery of the banknotes to the automated storage in the vault and the redelivery. 


"The development and implementation of an automated cash center is a challenging task," says Ronald Kretschmer, CSO at ek robotics. "The processes, where efficiency and safety are of paramount importance, must mesh seamlessly to ensure optimal transportation services and efficient material flows. For these international automation projects, our experts have developed customized transport solutions that precisely meet the transport and environmental requirements." The driverless transport systems from ek robotics enable cash center operators to link different production and logistics areas even more efficiently and automatically and are a key factor for sustainable profitability. The three existing intralogistics solutions from ek robotics have been convincing: in a total of two further state-of-the-art central banks in South East Asia and South America, three driverless transport systems with fleets of up to 20 vehicles will in future be responsible for optimal intralogistics processes and secure material transport within the cash centers.


From the airlock to the shredder: more efficiency with automated transport solutions

The national bank in South East Asia will be operating an AGV from ek robotics at two locations in future. At both locations, a total of 26 X MOVE series transport platforms will be responsible for intralogistics transportation on several floors. With its continuous use, the vehicle fleet ensures optimal area linking between the conveyor technology stations, palletizing, packaging areas and the transfer stations in the vaults. The vehicles in the X MOVE 1200 series are each equipped with a roller conveyor including barcode scanner for loads of up to 900 kg. Intelligent networking of the vehicles with the numerous interfaces of the central bank leads to optimum intralogistics transparency and efficiency.


International automation projects for increased process efficiency 

At the central bank in South America, the experts from ek robotics replaced a driverless transport system from a market competitor. The changeover to the new system was carried out during ongoing operations without interrupting current processes. After commissioning, a fleet of transport robots from the modular VARIO MOVE series will be used in this cash center. VARIO MOVE modular series and will be responsible for fully automated and highly efficient intralogistical cash transportation. All six transport robots are equipped with external wheel arms and hybrid laser navigation . Their short wheelbases enable fully automated transportation with a small turning circle. 


With 61 years of expertise in transport robotics, ek robotics provides long-term support for its partners' and customers' intralogistics projects throughout the lifecycles of the systems and offers a wide range of solutions for individual automation processes. Comprehensive training via its own academy, material flow simulations, software solutions for system optimization, extensions to existing systems and a long-term supply of spare parts round off the portfolio of the high-tech company for transport robotics. 

In the North African cash center, the experts from ek robotics have implemented two AGVs with SMART MOVE transport robots for the sustainable optimization of material flows

The cash center in North Africa is also home to a third AGV: a total of six FAST MOVE transport robots with 8-fold roller conveyors are responsible for the supply and disposal of the money counting machines as well as the connection to other conveyor systems

Six transport robots from the modular VARIO MOVE series with external wheel arms and hybrid laser navigation will be used in a national bank in South America in the future

In future, transport platforms from the X MOVE 1200 CT series, each with a roller conveyor and barcode scanner for loads of up to 900 kg, will be used at two locations of a central bank in South East Asia