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ek robotics launches Mobile Robot Experience App

Experience today what is possible tomorrow: With the new Mobile Robot Experience App from ek robotics, automated transport robots can be experienced virtually and via mobile devices. Using augmented reality (AR), the real-size 3D AGVs are displayed in the real environment via the smartphone camera. The user-friendly and intuitive interface allows precise control of selected models and their load handling devices.

ek robotics launched an app for 3D visualization of its automated guided vehicles (AGVs) in November. Mobile Robot Experience was developed for companies and users who want to visualize the use of ek robotics' diverse range of solutions for intralogistics processes. The app shows models of the COMPACT MOVE, FAST MOVE, VARIO MOVE and X MOVE series in a detailed 3D viewer. Via the camera of the devices, the AGVs can be moved as virtual models in the real environment - on a scale of 1:1! Special feature: In addition to the motion of the transport robots, forks, lifting tables and other load handling devices can also be operated.


Experience virtually what is possible in reality

With AR technology, users can quickly get an initial impression of transfer heights and space conditions at the intended location of the vehicles. Additional vehicle descriptions and images of real applications can be viewed in the app.  "ek robotics was the first company that integrated 3D point clouds into dynamic AGV simulations. Now we are going one step further and making automated guided vehicles a live mobile experience for customers and AGV enthusiasts," says Jan Drömer, CIO of ek robotics. The app is available for free in English for iOS and Android and will be continuously expanded in the coming months. To use it, users need a current smartphone with a camera. Via the contact form in the app, users can get in touch with the transport robotics specialists at ek robotics and get more information about the wide range of solutions for automated intralogistics.


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