Ultra smart. Ultra flexible. Ultra flat.

Fast Move Hub 30

Small but mighty: This FAST MOVE is only 14 cm high, but has all the essential features of a "full-grown" transport robot.


With the ek hybrid navigation system, the AGV navigates over the contours of its environment. Where this is not possible, the FAST MOVE uses personal protection scanners and reflectors to reach its targets with the utmost precision.


360° protective field in PLd, WLAN and a LI-ION high-power energy system are further highlights of this ultra-flat, omnidirectional mobile transport platform.


Powerful for use in a chemical plant, among other applications.


We at ek robotics stand by our promise and offer endless solutions for your individual task.


The trolley transport takes place in the area of GLT transports for the supply and disposal of assembly lines.


The FAST MOVE Hub 140 was designed to lift transport racks high enough for the safety scanners to perform a 360° safety check around the transport robot.


Intervention protection in the lift table and PLd 360° protection round off the FAST MOVE with WLAN and LI-ION fast charging technology.


Quite nimble: With the 100% omnidirectional chassis, the AGV vehicle reaches a travel speed of up to 2m/s!


Did you know that FAST MOVE stands for Flexible Autonomous Scalable Transport Platform? And this is where the transport robot comes into play as a customised load handling device.


In this example, eight conveyors are individually controlled and are thus able to deliver individual KLTs to their destinations precisely and in the right order -
100% more efficiently than any swarm intelligence.


In addition, the FAST MOVE has special features such as omnidirectional chassis, LI-ION energy system and maximum performance in 24/7 continuous operation.


Would you like a little more? The FAST MOVE is individually scalable in its dimensions - the omnidirectional transport platform aka FAST MOVE can be constructed up to a length of two metres. 


In a customised set-up for 2 KLT load carriers, empty containers are exchanged on level 1 and full containers on level 2 at the same time. This is an effective process that saves valuable time during the load cycle.


As you can see: ek robotics offers an infinite number of solutions for your individual material flow control.

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The FAST MOVE RB 90 is particularly compact - with a roller conveyor for Euro pallets or GLTs up to 1,000 kg, it is only marginally larger than the loading equipment or transported goods – and with the highest flexibility and omnidirectional manoeuvrability.


For the use of pallets or GLTs with a load weight of up to 1,000 kg, the FAST MOVE RB 90 is the optimal choice.


360° protective field in PLd, WLAN and a LI-ION high-performance energy system are further highlights of this very compact omnidirectional moving transport platform.

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