Custom Move

The CUSTOM MOVE combines the supreme disciplines in special-purpose transport robotics.

Custom Move 01

As here in the paper industry, transporting parent rolls or impression cylinders with loads of up to 32,000 kg. At the same time, the automated guided vehicles always travel highly dynamically and move over a wide area. This is because even in the production of larger rolls, there is only limited space available for intralogistics. Therefore, we at ek robotics optimally combine our robust and durable mechanical engineering with state-of-the-art control and navigation technology as a multitude of different customer requirements necessitate an infinite number of solutions.


In the chemical industry, large quantities of plastic fibres are produced for protective suits, for example. We always work with you to find a solution that suits your requirements. This is also the case here with product access for employees on the CUSTOM MOVE area-moving transport robot.


Four way forklift: CUSTOM MOVE

For an automotive supply company in southern Germany, ek robotics transports large racks with body parts to be painted using the CUSTOM MOVE series transport robot. Here, various picking and production areas are interlinked with a fully automated painting line. The focus is not only on vehicle design but also on integration into the customer's individual process landscape.

Custom move 03

The focus is on hygiene and cleanability, especially in food production. For this purpose, as an expert for stainless steel vehicles, we also offer fully automatic transport robots. This also applies, to the transport, storage or weighing of cheese. Thanks to high-precision weighing cells in the forks designed by ek robotics , weighing and dosing when mixing the raw cheese takes place directly on the vehicle. Transport robot becomes production robot.

Custom Move 04

Special process requirements are also made in the pharmaceutical industry, among others. Here, highly sensitive products are manufactured for humans, which is why the qualification process for the AGV system is the focus of our customers. With many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, ek robotics offers a reliable partner for the safe implementation of sensitive processes. As here, for example, with a vehicle for weighing pharmaceutical raw materials 24/7, 365 days a year.

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